It’s Raining…Women

You’re never gonna believe this. It’s raining women in New York City – yes that’s right Women. The odds for men meeting their match in New York are staggering.

Did you know that the State of New York has over 7.5 Million Singles? Yes, you are reading correctly and No, this is not a fudged up statistic – it is straight from the horse’s mouth – AKA the US Govt Census Data from 2000 so there’re probably a few more by now! The only other US State that has more Singles is California with over 12.4 Million Singles.

Back to the New York stats, I have it from another reliable source in New York that the ratio of women to men is 5:1. That means if you’re a bloke you must be in your element with the array or gorgeous women to meet and greet, date and hate, become a friend and $pend, discover and then love her.

Does the US Government have a similar Birth Control program to China’s? Is this the result?

Nonetheless, my question to the guys is – what are you waiting for? Move to New York and discover what the Big Apple has to offer in more ways than one. You don’t need a better invitation than that. There are loads of women eager to meet you – get a move on…unless you know something I don’t!

One response to “It’s Raining…Women

  1. I know something… the women here are bitches and the men can’t handle them. No, they prefer knocking up some girl in cow country and moving to the suburbs to pump out offspring.

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