Reported: The SHI Pendant Is The Wedding Band Of The Singles

Our thanks to Queen Samantha for announcing this to the world with the advent of SHI Symbol to the States. It’s generating great comments and that’s what SHI Symbol users love. The fact that it was found on Technorati is brilliant too (from Social News, Culture, and Interest Stories Reported from the Big Apple by Guest of a Guest). This shows how newsworthy us Singles are – anything to do with dating, romance, love and now SHI Symbol!

As one of the responses from ‘model behaviour’  said “I down for anything that promotes clarity”. Too right – I’m with you on that one – as long as it looks good! She also said that when she was a child having a specific way of wearing one’s identification name tag on one’s shorts was the way to know if someone was in a relationship – wearing it upside down meant yes! Thank goodness we don’t have to resort to that as an adult Single – it would be a laugh though – certainly get the office talking.

SHI Symbol is classy, stylish and is well accepted by anyone wanting to convey that image and most of us do! By now my dear blog readers, you will have perused the website and know there is quite a range of SHI Symbol merchandise to select from, so again Singles can choose how best we want to attract/meet/recognize another Single, be it a piece of jewelry, clothing, or a keyring attachment – we aren’t limited to one item. Versatility is the name of the game and being able to meet someone 24/7 using a SHI Symbol can only increase our odds. After all is it just a numbers game meeting one’s match!

Give it a go Queen Samantha! There’s a 14 day money back guarantee if you’re not totally satisfied. What have you got to lose?

4 responses to “Reported: The SHI Pendant Is The Wedding Band Of The Singles

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  2. wedding and singles are two very difficult topics.

  3. did you not read the article???? It is saying that singles can wear a symbol like a wedding ring to say they are single and not taken??? some people don’t read things properly… Anyway what a darn good idea… to spot out a person that is single and presently not dating…

  4. Way cool… i am happy to display my singldom… why not… I want people to KNOW I am single. That way you get to speak and mingle with a lot more people… go SHI !!!!

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