Now Seeking United States Businesses/Entrepreneurs for SHI Symbol Distributors

SHI Symbol is all about helping Singles easily recognize another Single 24/7 in everyday activities. With that thought at the forefront and to help US Singles, we recently released the dedicated US SHI Symbol Website which is busily accepting SHI Symbol requests and enquiries. It’s now time to appoint US Distributors from appropriately qualified US businesses and entrepreneurs so that the Singles market can really be properly penetrated.

map usamap usaIf you’d like to be part of setting up this unique, style-setting, trendsetting product for 21st Century American Singles – please contact us now.

If you believe you have the necessary skills and resources to help make SHI Symbol accessible to all those 100.9 million singles in the USA you’d better contact us now.

This is the time to get in on the ground floor with SHI Symbol International. We have 4 Distributors to be appointed.  If you would like to be a key part of the US team, what are you waiting for?

Please email with your relevant background, experience and reasons for wishing to become one of our US Distributors. You may also contact Jan Pagonis on +61 409 918 876

map usa

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