In Pictures: Where The Millionaires Date Online

Have a look at the Business Magazine article on Online Dating – quite an eye opener, if only for the sheer numbers of people using online dating as another tool in their armory for meeting that special person. We have the best of both worlds by using our SHI Symbol everyday, as well as checking out the online dates.

If you want the Forbes article complete use this link:

 I found this on DIGG but for some strange reason it wouldn’t come across on the Blog option so had to put it in this way. Anyway, you will be able to find it easily if you want to via DIGG or directly through that link above. DIGG is quite good because you get other people’s views. Fascinating – it’s only been up on DIGG a day and a bit and it’s had 164 Diggs and is already POPULAR. To say there’s a diverse opinion on it is the understatement.  I think most of those who commented haven’t taken the trouble to look at the article itself which is quite useful really.

online dating photo from article

One response to “In Pictures: Where The Millionaires Date Online

  1. Too funny… first off, internet dating doesn’t work. (see my blog for an explanation). Second, if a man with money needs to advertise that fact online to get a date, he’s either a) otherwise unattractive as a prospective mate, or b) is narcissistic. Silicon Valley is loaded with the latter, so maybe this dating site cater’s to those men. Like I said, too funny…

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