Are You SHI Tonight in Canada?

Toronto Sun Newspaper CanadaValentine’s Day was a hit for Singles in Canada by the sounds of things. 6 – yes that 6 Print Newspapers as well as other Online versions featured an article on how to catch your Valentine and SHI Symbol was singled out if you’ll pardon the pun.

Since that article by the highly respected Feature Writer Ann Marie McQueen, Canadians have been enquiring after SHI Symbols with gusto. Could have something to do with being in a number of Sun Newspapers including the  Winnipeg Sun, Toronto Sun, Calgary Sun, London Free Press, Ottawa SToronto Sun Newspaper CanadaToronto Sun Newspaper Canadaun etc!

So when next you are out and about and hear the catchphrase ‘Are You SHI Tonight?’ you’ll know what it means! After all it is the ONLY successful Dating tool that works for you 24/7!

Toronto Sun Newspaper

One response to “Are You SHI Tonight in Canada?

  1. What a great idea…. the worlds singles definitley need a SHI Symbol!!!

    I am all for it.


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